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Apnugao is here to spread joys and rewards of gardening,because gardening not only nourishes the body but builds the community and makes the world a better place.

We have been in seed business for last 20 years. We serve the gardeners and growers nationwide, offering everything from seeds and garden furniture to flower supports and garden carts. We are committed to provide our earth-friendly products that will help you to have more fun and success in your gardens.

We have always earned our customer’s trust by providing high-quality products, expert information and personalized services.

Apnaugao provides garden-tested solutions for most every gardening challenge. We work with customers, market gardeners, universities, manufacturers, and suppliers throughout the country to design and introduce innovative gardening products, such as self-watering planters, flower and vegetable supports, composters, grow lights, professional growing mediums, organic fertilizers and much more.

To our Gardeners:
Your feedback is important to us. We're eager to know about the challenges that you face in your own garden; the products that you like, and those that you don't. Is there a tool you're looking for that you just can't find? A gardening problem that needs solving? We encourage you to get in touch!