Our Story

Apnaugao was started with the aim to impart mass awareness among masses about "GROWING OWN FOOD" and what they should eat to live healthy and disease free diet. And initiative was taken to  encourage people to start eating their own grown food that has been grown naturally.

By taking matters into Your own hands and growing food in their own garden or school or empty plot near your home and in doing that that whatever you need apnaugao is trying to provide from seeds to soil, pots, fertilizers, disease control and all types of gardening tools. We are trying to clear all the bottle necks in growing our own food. Removing hurdles along the way to sustainable food growing are the key tasks at apnaugao.   

Growing your own food is empowering in many ways: you know exactly where it´s coming from and you are, in many ways, connected to it. Also, you can spend some time doing fruitful labor outside, instead of going to the stuffy indoor gym to climb plastic Stairmasters to nowhere.

Gardening on a smaller scale can be much more efficient and sustainable compared to large-scale farming. In your garden, you most likely won´t be using fossil fuel-eating tractors. And, of course, the food tastes much better!

Somehow, between the dusty, dirty, muddy fields and the pretty produce displays, the connection between food and its cultivation gets lost. In this age of machines, I think we forget that they cannot do everything on a farm that needs to be done. I somehow thought that organic meant no migrant labor, but I´ve seen it at some of the farms I´ve visited.

One last thing to think about is how far your food has to travel to get to you, and all the energy and fossil fuels going into its transport. By growing your own food, you´re making a commitment to eating locally and seasonally, which is a great thing.

To all of you who do grow some of your own already, keep up the amazing work! If you don´t, for the sake of you, simplicity, sustainability and for Kind Earth, It´s easy. You don´t need a green thumb, just some sunlight and water.

Happy growing!