Honeydew Melon Pinonet Piel De Sapo Seeds

خربوزہ / Kharbooza / Honeydew / Cucumis melo L.
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This melon variety produces oblong-rounded fruits with a slightly textured skin, weighing approximately 2-3 kilograms. The flesh, characterized by its yellow color and firm texture, is remarkably sweet. The name "Piel de Sapo," meaning "toad skin" in Spanish, aptly describes the melon's rough and uneven skin. As a type of honey melon, Piel de Sapo continues to ripen post-harvest. In regions with agricultural instability, it is advisable to cultivate these melons under film covers or in greenhouses with trellises. To encourage optimal growth, the plant's stems are typically pinched after 5-6 leaves, leaving 3-5 fruits per plant. Watering is discontinued 10-15 days prior to the anticipated ripening to enhance flavor and sweetness.