Irish Cat Grass Seeds

Irish Cat Grass / Avena sativa / Catnip Seeds
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1 packet contains 10g seeds

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- SEED TYPE : Organic, Non-GMO.
- PLANT HEIGHT : Grows Up To 6 To 8 Inches.
Cat grass seeds typically refer to the seeds of grass varieties that are safe and beneficial for cats to consume. The most common type is oat grass (Avena sativa), also known as cat grass. Oat grass is popular among cat owners because it's easy to grow indoors, and many cats enjoy nibbling on it. These seeds are specifically chosen for their appeal to cats and their nutritional benefits. Cat grass can help with digestion, reduce hairballs, and provide a safe outlet for your cat's natural chewing behavior. Cat grass seeds are widely available for purchase, and growing cat grass at home is a simple and enjoyable way to enhance your cat's environment.