Tecoma Stans Tree Seeds - Bignonia Amarilla

Yellow Trumpet / پیلا کٹھل / Yellow Bells

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This perennial shrub is a member of the Bignoniaceae family. Its leaves are composed of 5 to 13 leaflets. The shrub produces yellow, funnel-shaped flowers. It thrives in mild climates and can tolerate minor frosts down to -2ºC. To grow successfully, it requires well-drained, nutrient-rich, and cool soils.
Overall, Tecoma stans (Yellow Bells) is a versatile and attractive plant known for its cheerful yellow flowers, tolerance to harsh conditions, and ability to attract pollinators. It's important to consider your local climate and regulations before planting this species, especially in regions where it has the potential to become invasive.
Tecoma Stans Tree Height: 3-5 meter

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