Chicory Endive Frisée Seeds - Rizada doble de verano

بیخ کاسنی / Cichorium intybus / Frisée
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Chicory seeds

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1 packet contains 150 seeds Approx

Short Description

- Perennial plant Endive Frisée, also known as curly endive, is a leafy green vegetable that is popular for its crisp texture and slightly bitter taste. Large variety. Green foliage with broad, very curly edged leaves and heads with very full hearts and numerous leaves, which blanch easily. High resistance to bolting.
- The fiber content in chicory also aids in weight management by increasing feelings of fullness and reducing appetite.

    Jan, Sep-Dec

  • Sowing

    30 x 10 cm

  • Yield
    Per Plant

    120g Approx

  • Fruit

    torpedo shape

  • Days to

    70 - 90