Bird of Paradise tree seeds-White- Strelitzia alba

Crane Flower / Bird of Paradise / گلِ فردوسی

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A grand and impressive plant of considerable size. Its elongated leaves are upheld by lengthy petioles. The plant boasts captivating white flowers that emerge from green-purple spathes that form amidst the foliage. Prior to planting, it's advisable to soak the seeds in warm water. This variety is sensitive to frost and should not be exposed to temperatures below -2ºC. It thrives in cool, nutrient-rich soils.
Grow your own stunning White Bird of Paradise with these quality seeds. Native to South Africa, the white bird of paradise is known for its bright white flowers and showy leaves. Plant these seeds to create a beautiful, exotic look in your garden. Strelitzia seeds benefit from scarification to enhance germination. Gently nick or file a small portion of the seed coat, taking care not to damage the embryo inside
Bird of Paradise tree height: 3-6 meter

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