Sweet Melon ( Kharbooza ) Amarillo Canary Seeds

خربوزہ / Kharbooza /Canary Melons
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1 packet contains 20 seeds

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The Amarillo Canary sweet melon, also known as "Kharbooza," is a delightful variety with vibrant yellow flesh. This melon is cherished for its sweet and refreshing taste, making it a popular choice among melon enthusiasts.
With a distinctive Amarillo Canary hue, the melon's bright yellow color is an indicator of its ripe and succulent interior. The Amarillo Canary melon typically features a smooth rind and a pleasing aroma, adding to its appeal. Whether enjoyed on its own or as part of fruit salads, this sweet melon variety brings a burst of sweetness and juiciness, making it a favorite during the warmer months. Considered for its delectable flavor and enticing color, the Amarillo Canary sweet melon is a refreshing treat that captures the essence of summer.